Design & Built Solutions

At SAM Building Contracting good examples are set from the top by our Senior most Management. From its inception till date the directors of SAM Building Contracting have been actively involved and made their presence felt at every level in the company's performance and day to day functioning. Between them the directors share over 40 years of experience in the Construction industry with Mr. Milind Deshmukh heading our Sales, Marketing and Engineering departments and Mr. Abbas Khully leading the Operation teams.


Construction is a diverse industry wherein we need to cater to Clientele with varying needs, requirements, constraints and challenges. At SAM we know the importance to be flexible and adapt to the needs and requirements of each Client, the local authorities and our consultants so as to achieve our Clients targets within the shortest duration, budget requirements and most feasible technical solutions.

Our Clients needs come first

Our most fundamental target at SAM is to build our Client base. Even more important is it for us to Satisfy and Retain our valued Clients. We constantly remind ourselves of the need to follow the below simple steps to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our Clients.

C onsult
L isten
I nform
E xecute
N urture
T hank.

One stop Shop

SAM Building Contracting is licensed to perform Civil, Steel erection, Interior works, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC and Fire Fighting works thereby encompassing all faculties of the Construction Industry. Furthermore our speciality to execute quality D & B (Design and Build) projects of varied complexity and dynamics set us apart from our competitors. Our Clients can expect complete service from plot selection, detailed designs, authority approvals, consultancy, construction and maintenance from a single organization thereby creating a "One Stop Shop" solution for our Clients needs.


Professionals GET THE JOB DONE...... At SAM we have made a deep personal commitment to develop and improve our skills constantly to achieve this. Reliability and a strict policy to keep up to our commitments are expected from our staff at all levels. Competency, integrity and honesty are values which are the corner stone's of SAM Building Contracting and our record of having repeat Clientele is testament to this fact.