Steel Erection
  • SAM is specialized in the field of erection of metal buildings since 2006
  • We further describe steel erection works into 4 stages
    • Main Frame Erection
      • Main Frame Erection begins with erection of braced bays which provides support for the other members during erection.
    • Installation of Grits and Purlins
      • The second stage involves installation of Grits and Purlins which are necessary for bracing and installation along with the main frames.
      • Grits and Purlins are usually directly bolted to the main framing steel or it's via bearing clips pre-welded to the frame.
    • Placement of Insulation
      • Insulation starts after the secondary steel is installed, but before the cladding. In buildings with fiberglass insulation under through-fastened roofing, the roofing is attached to purlins right through the insulation.
    • Installation of Roof and Wall Panels
      • Roof or wall panels can be installed first. Although we slightly favor erecting roof first for any interior finish work to begin and to improve the roof diaphragm action in the partially constructed building.